Why you should consider us?
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Why you should consider us?

When Root Canal Therapy is indicated, please choose an Endodontist for your needs. There are great Endodontists all around but we have narrowed it down to what makes The Endodontic Center of Pleasanton unique if you consider us. 


Consider our office an extension of your practice. When you refer your patients to us, you can trust that they are in good hands. Our goal is to provide your patients with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere and to have them return to your office raving about the thorough care they received from start to finish. Dr. Phan sees her practice as an extension of her home and welcomes you. We understand that dentistry is multi-disciplinary and see the greater picture to treatment planning. We respect your planning approach and help facilitate making treatment choices that are in your patient’s best interest and the best interest of his/her dental health. We are great communicators. We are organized. We are efficient. We are your partner in dental care.

Immediate Obturation #19

immediate completion of root canal therapy on tooth #19 with endodontic and periodontal destruction


macs_smallWe pride ourselves on a careful diagnosis. We take the time to get to the root of the problem and, if an endodontic treatment is not necessary, then the patient will not receive one. Simple as that. Cone beam 3-D evaluation specifically set up for endodontic evaluation is available in-house and utilized when indicated.  Our facility has a dedicated space just for CBCT. We take the time to explain to the patient what the treatment entails and why we are going through with that particular treatment. We also discuss their options. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions they might have and, after our talk, we hope the patient feels a lot less apprehensive about the treatment proposed and know that they have a choice. We are precise and personable.  

6 months after treatment of #19 showing complete bone regeneration from effective root canal therapy and avoiding tooth loss

We utilize the dental operating microscope at every stage of treatment. The microscope is invaluable to our practice. It allows us to visualize minute details of a tooth anatomy and is absolutely necessary for quality treatment and a predictable outcome on all teeth, whether it be an anterior tooth or a wisdom tooth. Once you see the details of the tooth anatomy under the microscope, you will appreciate the complexity of the canal system and all the steps to thoroughly treat the system. We pay attention to detail with patience and determination.toothandpico


Our office is equipped with the finest technology and materials needed to provide optimal endodontic care, whether it be a routine root canal, a complex case, a surgical procedure, repairing unfortunate mishaps, or even placing a post build-up. Our practice utilizes digital radiography, in-house CBCT, microscopic visualization of teeth, multiple rotary systems, sonic vibration of irrigants, negative apical pressure irrigation, ultrasonic instrumentation, multiple types of irrigation solutions, multiple root repair materials, multiple restorative materials, and so on. We are committed to staying abreast in the technology and modalities available to preserve your teeth. Besides, the best implant is your own tooth! Dr. Phan is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. She has gone above and beyond what an endodontist does to show passion for saving teeth. We are prepared and that is what you should always expect from a dedicated specialist.

Highest Standard of Care for Your Patients!

So, thank you for your interest in our practice! Our promise to you and your patients is to provide the highest standard of endodontic care using the latest technology for optimal predictability. Our endodontic philosophy evolves from solid scientific research, evidence-based clinical techniques, almost 20 years of experience in root canal therapy, mutual professional respect, and friendly, compassionate patient care. Our goal is to be a positive extension of your office team, confirming to your patients in yet another way that their trust in your care is well placed.