Why See an Endodontic Specialist
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Why See an Endodontic Specialist

Endodontists are Dentists who have received an additional 2-3 years of advanced training in root canal therapy procedures (residency) after graduating from Dental School. The training is typically 10 years after high school! They perform routine as well as complex root canal procedures, including endodontic surgeries. Endodontists are experienced with diagnosing oral and facial pain and understanding the science of healing and regeneration. Endodontists typically treat challenging teeth that may otherwise be extracted. This undertaking requires great patience, experience, and skill. The Endodontist is an extension of your trusted care from your Dentist. All Dentists, including your General Dentist, received some training in root canal therapy in Dental School. General Dentists often refer patients needing root canal therapy to Endodontists due to complexities, expertise and managing mishaps.

Why see Dr. Phan?

She is well-trained and passionate for her field. Dr. Phan has over 20 years of Modern Endodontic Experience. That means that she was academically trained with the surgical operating microscope, digital imaging, and using modern advanced techniques and materials. Dr. Phan’s approach is conservative and practical to achieve optimal results. She is transparent with your options so that you have a choice in your care. A successful outcome comes from focusing on the patient and the disease together. Dr. Phan takes great pride in the opportunity to salvage a tooth for a patient and accepts the challenge to educate the patient and put her best foot forward! She believes in giving the best version of her professional self everyday in the office. She has been Board Certified since 2011 as her way to improve her clinical decisions. Dr. Phan’s solo practice is not a large corporate practice with multiple doctors and locations of varied experience who come and go.  She sees her practice as an extension of her home and welcomes you. She focuses on one location that she started from scratch in 2006. Her home has been in the Tri-Valley since 2003. She commits her professional time to the patients and referrals in this area as this is where she and her family preside and see many of the patients around!