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December 2022: Happy Holidays from Dr. Phan’s family: The Vandersloots!




November 2022: Worksgiving Dinner minus a sick member! We are thankful to provide the best care possible with a great team who work hard even when someone gets sick! We are looking forward to building a bigger team to provide more efficient care and availability in 2023!




October 2022: Dr. Phan leading her “Top Gun” EndoTeam!







January 2022: 2021 was known as the year of the “Great Resignation.” We had many obstacles to overcome but I saw it as a challenge to rise and not quit. Our office culture is not only patient centered but employee centered for a great experience. My biggest “Bravo” is for my team that did not quit on me or give excuses. They SHOWED up everyday and rose to the occasion and tapped into each individual’s potential to give the patient a great experience. My team inspires me more than ever to be a great Endodontist and Leader.










December 2021: We ended the last day of our working year with a much needed lunch, gift exchange, manicure and pedicure! We dressed in our PJs to celebrate. Woohoo!







November 2021: Dr. Phan was recognized for being in private practice in Pleasanton for 15 years. She has been practicing Endodontics for over 20 years now!

October 2021: Wow, I have a great team that genuinely wanted to dress up and be festive for Halloween. That is their attitude every day in the office!

April 2021: Dr. Phan is always motivated to train and ensure that our staff are poised to take care of patients with “text book” preparation. This is why Dr. Phan always wants her own images! Expect a desire to perform to one’s best ability everyday! Meet our office mascot, Dexter. You may see him when you exit the back door.

2020 is a year we would all like to put behind us for better or for worse. For some, their inner strength showed forth. For others, it exposed some needed changes for self improvement. Here is a toast to the challenges, the resiliency, new beginnings, difficult transitions, and letting go. Ultimately, I wish peace and happiness to everyone. If you put it in perspective, we faced a moment in time like no other where the world stopped together and must now work together. Pretty fascinating and mind boggling, I think. Now let’s make 2021 awesome!













December 2020: We celebrated with Christmas sweaters and masks! I surprised each member with personal champagne, flutes, and chocolates to ring in 2021 and a socially distance catered meal to eat in their own privacy! Happy Holidays! We are fortunate to have the opportunity to help others in dental pain, to be safe, and to be resilient during these challenging times.








The front is trying to hold it together before Christmas in a socially distanced manner!








December 2020: We are excited to have Seonaid here to greet you on the phone and here at the office Monday-Thursday. She comes with great knowledge in Dentistry. She is an RDA, who was a clinical instructor at a Dental Assisting Program and worked in the front for a well established dental office in Alameda.


August 2020: We are ready to greet you with our “smiling eyes!” Don’t worry if you cannot recognize us, we have picture badges on too to remind you that we are under this PPE! 
July 2020: Tracy is hard at work and covered in PPE! She has already made herself home as a team player!
July 2020: Tracy will be greeting you on the phone and checking any of your financial concerns. She comes with 10+years of experience in the front office with a general dental practice! Tracy has a Bachelors Degree in Communication and is fluent in Cantonese. She lives in Livermore with her husband and new puppy! We are so sad to see Emily go but wish her the very best on her new journey with her family near the Sacramento area!
June, 2020: We are officially back to business. Look what we have added to our goody bags for some lucky referrals!
March 2020: We celebrated the birthday of our dental sterile technician / dental assistant. Happy Birthday to Miriam! She is a very lovely lady to converse with and such a committed member to our team! Interesting fact: Miriam is of Indian descent but raised in Germany and speaks fluent German!
March 2020: We celebrated having Lisa, RDA in the office full time for 5 years! She has actually been with us for 7 years! We are so fortunate to have a caring and calm and very skilled RDA to assist Dr. Phan. She actually used to teach x-ray technique in a dental assisting school ! Lisa is a regional local born and raised in Castro Valley!
March 2020: Frequent Referral Raffle for January! Lucky winners from 2 winning frequent offices get a goody bag!
2020: We celebrated Lisa’s birthday a bit earlier before she left for Hawaii! She worked pretty hard on her celebration day! Thanks, Lisa. Lisa has been in this practice since 2010 and full time since 2015!
2019: Fun Valentine and Dental Message Hearts!
2018: Free Dental Clinic at Solano Fairgrounds in Vallejo: We  performed 5 root canals on the underserved and challenged. That would have been extractions and a lack of confidence for these grateful patients. We were privileged to utilize our dental skills to help the less fortunate patients. We were EXHAUSTED at this point with no microscopes and minimal equipment on a foldout chair and sitting on towels to raise ourselves to reach the working field! We are fortunate to be born into certain advantages and Dr. Phan never forgets that!
2018: Dr. Phan paying it forward one root canal at a time at a local California Dental Charity Clinic in Modesto. Dr. Phan sponsored one chair to provide free RCT’s for the underserved.
2017: “Phun” at the Movies in our own private theater at Hacienda Regal Cinemas!
2016: Tea Party time! 
2012: One of our creative goodies: Can you see the apicoectomies on the cookies?
2006: Grand Opening Party